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About our Store Ratings

Every customer is invited to complete a very short survey about their experience in dealing with The Dance Store. The survey is sent out by the Yahoo Stores system about two weeks after the order is placed. You do not have to take the survey. The survey asks for only six responses:

  • Overall: 1 - 5 (Poor - Excellent)
  • Price: 1 - 5 (Poor - Excellent)
  • Shipping Options: 1 - 5 (Poor - Excellent)
  • Delivery: 1 - 5 (Poor - Excellent)
  • Ease of Purchase: 1 - 5 (Poor - Excellent)
  • Customer Service: 1 - 5 (Poor - Excellent)

Example Survey Results

  • Overall: Excellent
  • Comments:
  • Price: OK
  • Shipping Options: Good
  • Delivery: Excellent
  • Ease of Purchase: Excellent
  • Customer Service: Excellent
  • Other Comments: Good line of unique products. Outstanding website with lots of useful information. Would definitely purchase from again.

If you visit the Yahoo Stores shopping area (www.shopping.yahoo.com), you are allowed to see all of the responses of the other customers of The Dance Store. Our business is not allowed to edit or to delete the responses.   At present, 70% of the respondents rate us as excellent and 25% rate us as good. Why don’t we receive 100% “Excellent” ratings? Two things mainly: price and delivery options. We think we offer better value than that of our competitors. Most of the videos produced by The Dance Store contain twice the content of competitive offerings. We offer the lowest prices on the web for many of the items we carry. We simply cannot sell dance instruction DVD’s at the same price that Wal-Mart sells mass-produced Hollywood movies. Most of our customers agree that our prices are good, but some do not.   As far as shipping options go, we use U.S. Postal Service 2-day Priority Mail only, and we offer this for only $3.75 per order (for shipments within the United States). We do not offer “overnight” service because the expense to the customer and to us is just too high.

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