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Among the standard ballroom dances, the next in popularity behind the waltz and the foxtrot is the tango. Unlike waltz and foxtrot, tango steps should have a sharp staccato placement. Tango is also characterized by stunning, sharp head-turns. Many of the figures are provocative. The melancholy drone of the bandoneon, an instrument similar to an accordion, can accent the sometimes steamy choreography.

DVDs & Dance Videos

Tango Volume 1 – Beginner-Intermediate American Style Tango with John and Phyllis

Tango Volume 1: Beginner-Intermediate American Style Tango with John and Phyllis

Price: $30.00  •  Length: nearly two hours
Patterns: 15  •  Instructors: John & Phyllis

DVD Only  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

This is a great introduction to American style tango. Nearly two hours in length, this DVD continues the tradition of The Dance Store of offering twice the content of competitive offerings. This DVD shows fifteen figures and many combinations. In addition, we show how to navigate the dance floor and how to chain figures together to create routines. John and Phyllis are great instructors. This DVD shows all of the essential “core” figures of American style tango, but it goes on to show cool and fun moves. Watch our online video that shows a sample of the figures! Of course, streaming on-line videos have reduced quality. The tango DVD you will receive is “broadcast quality” with stereo CD-quality sound. All steps are numbered and titled and the DVD navigation menu takes you exactly to the start of each figure. This way, you can quickly and easily skip to any figure you desire.

Video Preview
Tango Volume 1: Beginner-Intermediate American Style Tango with John and Phyllis


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21m31s @56kbps
2m56s @384kbps (DSL)
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1m57s @384kbps (DSL)
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About the Instructors

John achieved “gold-level” instructor status while working for Arthur Murray Dance Studios. He is certified by the prestigious Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D.). John is now an independent instructor in the Richmond, Virginia area. Phyllis is a former model, show choreographer, and ballroom dance competitor. Now a mom, she no longer competes, but continues to teach ballroom dancing in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Step List

  1. The eight count basic
  2. the sixteen count basic
  3. progressive rocks
  4. basic corte
  5. promenade walk, combinations, navigation, variations
  6. promenade pivot
  7. outside swivels
  8. open left turn
  9. open left turn with outside swivels
  10. rock turns
  11. rock turns in promenade
  12. basic into promenade
  13. promenade to open fan
  14. promenade links
  15. continuous promenade pivots.
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