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Merengue DVDs - ballroom dance instruction!

The old saying is that if you can walk, you can dance the Merengue. With one step taken to each beat of music, dancing the Merengue is like marching, and it's just about as easy. Add "Cuban motion" hip action, and this easy dance also becomes sexy. Hundreds of dance figures are possible and just about anything goes in Merengue. Our Merengue video—available as a DVD—will send you well on your way toward mastering this Latin dance.

DVDs & Dance Videos

Merengue Volume 1: Beginner - Intermediate

Price: $30.00  •  Length: about 85 minutes
Patterns: over 20  •  Instructors: Joe & Jamie

DVD Only  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

This Merengue DVD is fully suitable for the complete beginner. This video starts at the very beginning and it explains the basic step, how to count the music, and, most importantly, how to achieve "Cuban motion." Our DVD shows a simple sure-fire way to achieve the "Cuban motion," which is so important for this dance. We also show you how to avoid common errors. This DVD goes on to show
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Merengue Volume
1: Beginner - Intermediate


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3m35s @56kbps
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all of the most common and familiar Merengue patterns and it goes further to show pretzels and tunnels.

This is a great DVD! It shows the most important and the most leadable Merengue figures. The DVD includes an index, listing all of the twenty steps. In addition, as they are shown, all steps are named and introduced by a title. This DVD was filmed in broadcast quality digital video with stereo, CD-quality sound.

Step List

  1. Side Chasse Basic Step
    What's important here is the hip action. Jamie, who's a popular dancer in the Richmond-area Latin clubs, shows you how to do this correctly.
  2. Rotating Basic Step
  3. Separation and Movement Back to Closed
    Almost every dance has a "release to open" and "movement back to closed" step.
  4. Dancing Apart in Open Position
  5. The Open Break
    The open break is used to set up many figures.
  6. The Open Break and Four-Count Natural Underarm Turn
  7. The Eight-Count (Slow) Natural Underarm Turn
  8. The Reverse Turn
  9. Half Turn Rotation in Open Position (Trading Places)
  10. Alternating, She Goes / He Goes Turns
  11. Leader's Double Hand Change Turn to Left
  12. The Back Spot Turn
  13. Adios
    This is similar to the popular salsa figure.
  14. Leader's Spin Following Back Spot Turn
  15. She Goes Under / He Goes Under / She Goes Under
  16. The Leader's Pretzel
    Popular in swing dancing, this figure is fun and it's a perfect fit in merengue.
  17. The Pretzel with Wrap and Duck Out
  18. Slow Tunnel
  19. Double Slow Tunnel
  20. Spot Pivot
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