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Tango dance music ~ information and examples!

Tango music has a tempo of about 120 beats per minute. Argentine Tango music is traditionally played by a small orquestra, which often includes a violin, piano, guitar, flute, and especially a bandoneon.

Some of the many popular and influential orchestras included the orchestras of Juan D'Arienzo, Francisco Canaro, and Anibal Troilo. Osvaldo Pugliese and Carlos di Sarli made many recordings.

The post-Piazzolla generation (1980-) includes musicians such as Dino Saluzzi, Eduardo Mederos, Enrique Martin Entenza and Juan Maria Solare. Piazzolla and his followers developed Nuevo Tango, which incorporated jazz and classical influences into a more experimental style.

Other notable tango musicians and composers include Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel, Rodolfo Biagi, Alfredo De Angelis, Juan de Dios Filiberto, and Enrique Santos Discepolo.


Tango Music Examples


Tango Songs

Here is list of popular songs suitable for Tango dancing. If you are familiar with these songs or are able to listen to them at some point you should be able to get a good idea of the rhythmic feel of the Tango.

  • "Phantom of the Opera Tango" - from The Phantom of the Opera production
  • "Fernando’s Hideaway" - Provocative Drums
  • "Sombras" (32 BPM) - Percy Faith
    Available on Casa Musica Volume 6
  • "Serenantella" (33 BPM)
    Available on Dance with Fascination No. 5
  • "Felicia" (33 BPM)
    Available on Dance with Fascination No. 8
  • "Dessauer Tango" (33 BPM)
    Available on Dance with Fascination No. 8
  • "Ein Lied Ohne Worte" (33 BPM)
    Available on Dance with Fascination No. 8
  • "L'Amour C'Est Pour Rien" (33 BPM)
    Available on Dance with Fascination No. 5
  • "Orchids in the Moonlight" (33 BPM) - Sudo Hisao and the New Downbeats Orchestra
    Available on Shall We Dance Vol. 3
  • "I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You" (33 BPM)
    Available on the World of Standardtanze
  • "Tango Argentino" - Trio Hugo Diaz
  • "El Tango Argentino" - by Olivia Molina
  • "Original Tango" - El Choclo
  • "Tango Argentino" - Mario Battaini Fisarmonica
  • "Tango Argentino" - Orchestra Tango Café
  • "Tango Original De Buenos Aires" - El Duo Porteno

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Tango CD's

Due to the high number of danceable songs included on each, these CD's offer an exceptional value for those seeking Tango music.

La Melodia De Nuestro Adios - Francisco Canaro y Su Orquesta Tipica

Adios Marinero - Alfredo De Angelis y su Orquesta Tipica

Best Tango Album in the World Ever - Various Artists

Tango Zero Hour - Astor Piazzolla

Bajofondo Tango Club - Bajofondo Tango Club

Last Tango in Paris - Gato Barbieri

Tantalizing Tangos of Argentina - Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra
Original Release Date: February 23, 1999

Astor Piazzolla - The Soul Of Tango: Greatest Hits
Original Release Date: March 7, 2000

RCA Victor 100 Years - Astor Piazzolla
Includes: "Preparense," "Adios Nonino," and "Lo Que Vendra"

From Argentina To The World - Osvaldo Pugliese
Includes: "Nochero Soy," "Pata Ancha," and "Gallo Ciego"

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