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'" method="post"> Latin Jam 3: On Fire

Latin Jam 3: On Fire

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Track Style Length MPM
Everybody Cha Cha 4:53 32
Volver A Verti Cha Cha 4:00 32
Vamas A La Playa Cha Cha 4:20 32
Lola, Lola Samba 4:20 50
On Fire Samba 4:05 50
Paradise Samba 4:20 50
My All Rumba 3:20 26
La Mentira Rumba 2:55 26
Sabor A Mi Rumba 2:44 26
Titanic Theme Paso Doble 2:00 62
Get Over It Jive 3:01 44
Thirsty Ears Jive 3:40 44

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