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Two Step Volume 3: Amalgamations

Two Step Volume 3: Amalgamations

Price: $35.00  •  Length: about 115 minutes
Instructors: Anthony, Jeff & Gayle

DVD Only  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

In this DVD, top country-western dance competitors show how to chain figures together to create interesting “amalgamations” and dance routines. This DVD is a two-hour “double feature,” containing Two Step Series 1 by Anthony Lee and Leadable Two Step, by Jeff and Gayle Stoneman. Anthony, Jeff, and Gayle are all former country-western dance champions. Anthony Lee was a featured dancer on the television show, Club Dance at the White Horse.

Though a beginner could use this DVD, most of the combinations are better suited for intermediate and advanced dancers. This 115-minute DVD provides many more figures than typical instructional videos. This DVD is also an incredible bargain. These two titles sold for $30.00 individually a few years ago. Now you get both for $35 plus you get the benefit of easy DVD navigation.

This DVD starts with the basic step but it quickly goes on to show pivots, weaves, lariats, ducks, tunnels, quick tunnels, timing variations, and pretzels. It is completely packed with figures and patterns. It also goes into styling and presentation. The advanced menu navigation system eliminates rewinding and fast-forwarding.

If you are interested in this title be sure to check out our Two Step Special. With it you'll get three Texas Two Step DVDs for about the price of two private lessons!

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