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If you're looking for New York style salsa instruction please see The Dance Store's complete selection of salsa DVDs and videos.


The Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa: Part One - Beginners

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa: Part One - Beginners

Price: $25.00  •  Length: 48 minutes (x3 angles)
Patterns: about 20  •  Instructor: Gigi Leon
Available in DVD format only.

DVD Only  

This multi-angle DVD features 19-year-old instructor Gigi Leon, a Cuban-American who teaches the Miami style of salsa. She's a great dancer and a very articulate instructor. This is one of the most popular salsa DVDs out there, mainly due to the multi-angle DVD feature, which allows seamless movement through three different camera angles. About 20 figures are demonstrated. Produced by aspiring filmmaker Debdoot Das, this is probably the best salsa video ever produced for Miami style salsa (which is the Cuban Casino Rueda style). Note: the Miami (Cuban) style of salsa, which is based on the Casino-Rueda syllabus, is a little different from the New York style of salsa (that is, the Puerto-Rican style), which dominates all areas outside of Florida. Still, this is a great video and most of the figures can be mixed into the New York style. This video shows the basic Casino Rueda syllabus as it applies to one-on-one partner salsa dancing. Why are we selling this? In brief, because the videos made by The Dance Store are not the Miami style. The salsa DVDs produced by The Dance Store show the more general New York style of salsa, which is the most popular style outside of Florida.

List of Steps

Basic Steps:

  • Basic forward and backward
  • Side to side basic (Cucaracha)
  • Back rock steps
  • Back rock turn

Partner Dancing Basics:

  • Abajo
  • Exhibela
  • Exhibela doble
  • Exhibela dos con una
  • Dile Que No
  • Guapeando/Guapea
  • Enchufla
  • Enchufla doble
  • Adios con la hermana
  • Candado
  • Candado pa' arriba
  • Kentucky
  • Ronde/Kentucky
  • El Uno
  • Se Fue (El Uno)
  • El Dos

Bonus Moves with Music

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