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If you're looking for New York style salsa instruction please see The Dance Store's complete selection of salsa DVDs.


The Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa: Part Two - Intermediate

Price: $25.00  •  Length: ~50 minutes (x3 angles)
Patterns: 31 •  Instructor: Gigi Leon
Available in DVD format only.

DVD Only  

It is impossible to over-praise this slick production. Aspiring filmmaker Debdoot Das again uses high tech digital techniques to present this multi-angle, high-tech DVD. This DVD is fast paced: thirty-one figures are presented in just 50 minutes. However, each can be viewed from three angles and the advanced menu navigation system allows easy replay. These are the best videos available for Miami style salsa. Gigi Leon is arguably the best salsa instructor in the world. She’s extremely articulate and detailed, she represents the style and flavor of the dance perfectly, and her competition-level performances are beyond awesome. (It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous either.)

List of Steps
Why are all the figure names in Spanish? Because they are straight from the Cuban Casino Rueda dance syllabus. Many of these do not have an exact English translation and even if they did, they still would not provide much insight into what the figure looks like. All teaching studios in Miami use this syllabus and it provides a great “common ground” for dancers in that area. Of course the DVD is in English.

  • Vacila
  • Medio Sombrero
  • Sombrero
  • Vacilense Los Dos
  • Setenta
  • Engancha Setenta
  • Montana
  • Dedo
  • Beso
  • Abrazala
  • Setenta Complicado
  • El Siete
  • Enchufla Con Coca Cola
  • Siete Con Coca Cola
  • Siete Moderno
  • El Atrevido
  • Sombrero Doble
  • Juan La Cubana
  • Pasea
  • Pasea por Abajo y por Arriba
  • Balsero
  • Pasea y Complicate
  • Dedo Con Alarde
  • El Uno Complicado
  • Guarpo Largo
  • Sambuca
  • Siete Loco
  • Siete Setenta
  • Abanico
  • Ponle Sabor
  • Hurican
  • Bonus Moves with Music

If you are interested in this title be sure to check our Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa Special: immense savings on three of the best Salsa DVDs out there!

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