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Hustle DVDs & videos - ballroom dance instruction!

For additional Hustle dance instruction, take a look at our other Hustle DVDs as well.

Hustle Volume 3: Intermediate - Advanced

Price: $30.00  •  Length: about 105 minutes
Patterns: over 30  •  Instructors: Joe, Patricia & Sarah

DVD Only  
Also available as an mp4 download file!

This DVD shows patterns that involve double turns and a variety of longer patterns for more experienced dancers. Still, most of these figures are leadable in social dancing. This DVD also contains competition amalgamations.

Finding competition-level choreography at this price is very difficult. And, as far as we know, among all the Hustle DVDs and videotapes out there, this is the only one on the market that shows competition patterns. In addition, this DVD talks about presentation and style and it shows some combinations that "present" well to the audience.

Ladies: If you want to learn some styling, this is the tape for you. Patricia executes these "presentation" figures like nobody else can.

If you are interested in this title be sure to check out our Hustle Special. With it you'll get all four of our Hustle DVDs for less than you'd pay for just three!

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