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Dancing with the Stars - Dance with Len Goodman

Dance with Len Goodman
Introduction to Ballroom Dancing — Learn Eight Dances in 87 Minutes!

Price: $18.95
Number of Dances: Eight
Instructor: Len Goodman with demonstration by others
Length: 87 minutes

DVD Only, This item has been discontinued.

This is a very slick, high-budget production. Lenís introduction to each dance is great. The professional demos are great. Len does the talking, but other top-notch younger dancers perform all the movements.

I recommend this video for beginners, but not for those already engaged in lessons. This video is quite efficient and presents much info in its length. But, obviously, with eight dances covered in just 87 minutes, you canít expect to learn more than a few figures in each dance. The style is International Style, but the figures are basic enough to be used in any ballroom setting. Also included are practice music sound tracks. Very little technical information is presented. Example steps:

  • Quickstep – only one figure shown: quarter turns that can be danced around the floor.
  • Rumba – only two figures shown: basic and hand to hand.
  • Cha Cha – three figures shown: basic, New Yorkers, and spot turn
  • Samba – only two steps shown: basic and whisk.
  • Tango – only one step shown.
  • Jive – only the single timing (not triple rhythm) is shown and several turns are shown.
  • Waltz – link and box step patterns are shown
  • Foxtrot – a simple sequence is shown

There are only a few videos on the market that attempt to show much in so little time. As such videos go; this is one of the better ones.

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