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Since mambo is salsa "danced on the second beat of the measure," please see the Salsa Learning Area for a complete discussion of salsa and mambo. The style of mambo we show in our short video clip is the "ballroom style" of mambo, where steps are taken on counts 2, 3, and 4, and no step is taken on count 1. Ballroom mambo is like a very fast version of rumba in terms of the footwork timing. "Ballroom mambo" is highly standardized with a syllabus. It one of the American style rhythm dances danced in ballroom competitions.

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The Basic Step of Ballroom Mambo

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The Moves

Please see the Salsa Learning Area for an in-depth discussion of both salsa and mambo.
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The Music

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In 1951, the mambo reached its highest point when the illustrious Palladium Dance Hall in New York changed its music policy to become the mambo center of the world. During its prime the Palladium regularly featured the Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez and Machito Orchestras. It became common for other ballroom owners to insist that their musicians include the new Latin rhythm to their repertoire.
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Tips & Info

Please visit the Salsa Learning Area for tips on dancing both salsa and mambo.
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